People Analytics Certificate Program

Advance your career by expanding your skill set with in-demand HR skills!

As a People Analytics Specialist, use data to attain efficient, effective and fact-based decisions benefiting both the organization and employees and equip yourself with a full analytics skillset that will enable you to drive data-driven decision-making throughout HR.

How will this help?

The People Analytics Certificate Program enables you to develop the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to deliver critical talent and business outcomes.

  • Data-driven Business Impact: Learn from real-life examples and in-depth case studies to determine how to best create business value through data analytics at your organization.
  • Analytics Implementation: Unlock the full potential of your HR data and improve critical talent and business outcomes by implementing a full people analytics cycle.
  • Basic Statistics: Master core statistical concepts and analyses needed to analyze and interpret any data-driven insights, and learn how to perform them in Excel.
  • Self-Service Dashboards: Import, clean, and analyze data to easily build self-service dashboards using Microsoft Excel and Power BI.
  • Storytelling with Data: Integrate data visualizations into your presentations to persuade stakeholders with compelling insights from your data.

Why should I enroll?

Today’s business landscape is dynamic and challenging, making data-driven decision-making a crucial advantage for organizations. This Certificate Program helps you develop sought-after People Analytics skills, which is a great way to prepare your skillset for the future and position yourself favorably for your next career move. As a People Analytics Specialist, you will have a full set of skills that help you take gut feeling out of HR decision-making and add essential strategic value to your organization.