Our Team

Iqbal Tabraze is a Certified HR Professional (CAHRI), a Certified NLP Practitioner, a Certified KPI Professional and has more than 20 years of professional experience in the fields of Human Resources, Analytics and Operations Management. Iqbal Tabraze has a keen insight about people, management and strategy, and the theoretical, conceptual and operational frameworks for managing sustainable development of resources from a multi-disciplinary perspective. He strongly believes in providing with the full spectrum of competencies needed to deal with the challenges currently faced by professionals in their pursuit of social, economic and personal progress through empathy, humility and creativity.

Afreen Siddiqui is a Creative Consultant, who is passionate about solving problems through design thinking. She has played multidisciplinary roles as a Design Strategist, Educator, Mentor and Coach: a certified facilitator for Women leadership and empowerment from USA. The only women member among 8 representing IAPM (International Association of Printing Museum) founded in South Korea, Afreen Siddiqui is a vocal advocate for the power of design and has vast experience in almost every facet of the creative and business disciplines, including theater, puppetry, education, consulting, product and service in the process collaborating with leading designers and design supporters.