Thinking Differently, Thinking Sustainably!

Who Are We

SRMC is an intersectional multi- and interdisciplinary group of dynamic professionals providing sustainable management solutions for an array of community and business verticals, driven by knowledge, integrity and performance. SRMC brings in-depth knowledge and experience...
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Our Services

SRMC strive for durable sustainable resource development in communities and organizations aspiring for behavioral change through cooperation, collaboration and coordination of efforts and resources. SRMC partners with and provides solutions to transform communities, organizations and...
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Our Specialty

  • Innovativeness during execution of every project through research, data collection, analytics, and tests hypotheses.
  • Quickness while prioritizing the speed of reaching the target.
  • High Level of Service based on systematized and debugged process.
  • Transparent Reporting on how we work to meet international standards of quality and accountability for all our partners, staff, and the communities we work with.

Our Strength

SRMC maintains a global pool of expert consultants and trainers who provide support to the organizations, communities and project teams as they build collective and individual competences in strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning (PMEL).

  • Over 4,500 qualified profiles in active database
  • Specific database with focus on high quality candidates
  • Single Point of Contact for across Pakistan Operations
  • Commitment to Quality and Best Practices
  • Multi-talented Experts, innovative technology and in-depth research
  • Tailor made solutions according to needs and requirements
  • Professional Plan of Action for most cost-effective processes